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We are automotive developers

We are Engineering Services Providers in automotive, operating on the European market. In our CAD/CAE departments, we develop car body, exterior & interior structures. Our development testing lab provides special tests for automotive components suppliers and car manufacturers. In our prototyping workshop, we stamp and weld car body prototypes and machine design mockups.

Co-operation with Altran CZ means having in the suppliers portfolio a skilful, mid-size (staff 270), CZ-based automotive engineering company, when it comes to improving responsiveness on specific R&D Dept. needs, new ideas, saving time and by that money.

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Looking for a career in the automotive industry?

Feeling like obtaining a position at a reknown company?

Enjoying dynamic development, the Altran CZ company has been expanding its staff in the following areas: CAD/CAE, Testing, and Prototyping.

Do not hesitate to contact us at cz.hr@altran.com with your profile.


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