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BIW Tooling

Highly skilled in finishing, tryouts, polishing, fitting, auditing and production tool launching and commissioning.

All key body-in-white skin and structural parts (cold-press).

Tool methodology, process, concept engineering & simulations, projects management, tool design & engineering linked to E&D.

Scope of main services

  • Industrialization of the BIW tools incl. all dimensional corrections and adjustments.

  • Realization of A-class quality in/for all skin parts through an ideal economic process.

  • Home-line try-out (HLTO) of BIW Tools at customers’ production site (press shops/assembly facilities).

  • Dimensional fine-tuning, optimizations, audit management and execution, incl. BIW tool components.

  • BIW Tooling Maintenance on customers’ site.

  • Project management incl. BIW tooling follow-up,  buy-off, supplier tracking, etc.  

HR & Key Support Attributes:

  • All our consultants are internal FTEs and are equipped with all core tools and equipment to effectively execute projects.

  • All our consultants have crane and tool binding certificates.

  • Every team includes tooling specialists with international welding license (certification).

  • Multiple BIW tooling mechanical components can be engineered and manufactured internally.


  • Škoda Auto a.s. (Czech Republic, Russia, Spain)

  • Gestamp (Poland)

  • Gestamp (Russia)

  • BMW-MINI (Swindon UK)

  • Allgaier (Germany)

  • Vollman (Germany)

  • MAD (Germany)

  • MAD-Bremen (Germany)

  • Matrici (Spain)

  • HIT (South Korea)

  • SMA (South Korea)

  • HMB (Czech Republic)

  •  Siebenwurst (Germany)

  • PSA (France)

Vladislav Petříček

BIW Tooling Manager

+420 326 109 100