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New accredited tests

20. 09. 2016

Swell’s development testing laboratory has successfully passed another accreditation process, to which this time 19 new standards were subjected. The test portfolio has thereby expanded to include such fields as scratch resistance, impact resistance and adhesion tests of coatings and their evaluation.

By taking this step the development testing lab has also become the sole accredited provider of certain types of tests in the Czech Republic, e.g. scratch resistance tests that simulate the machine washing of cars (you can learn more about this testing in the article entitled “How to make glossy glossier”) or scratch resistance tests in accordance with the VW Group’s standards.

The accreditation process is ongoing, however. “We plan to carry out the accreditations for another group of tests, with the largest event taking place at the beginning of next year, when all the tests that have been accredited so far, after a five-year cycle must undergo re-examination. At this time this comprises 144 standards,” Martin Hobza, the Quality Manager, affirms.

For more information visit website of development test lab.

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