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Re-accreditation and new accredited tests

28. 02. 2017 - One hundred and thirty three. This is how many accredited tests Swell’s Testing Laboratory already has.

SWELL´s test lab successfully defended its title as an accredited testing laboratory, without any non-conformities. It will now obtain a new certificate of accreditation for five future years.

In addition to a complete portfolio of the tests from previous years, during the accreditation it also defended another 5 new procedures, such as the chemical resistance test, the high-pressure water test, including a technically specific “Splash water” test, or expanding IP tests to include additional new levels of protection. Currently a total of 26 test procedures are accredited, thereby involving 133 standards.

Also new is the accreditation of other automotive standards (in addition to those of VW), such as the GMW (General Motors), the D standards (Renault/PSA), VCS (Volvo) or the national standards of China (i.e. the GB standard) or the US (ASTM) standard.

One accreditation barely finished and a new application is already in preparation with the Czech Accreditation Institute (CAI) regarding expanding the scope of the accreditation to additionally include emission characteristics. “The audit will take place in June and in the meantime we will have to process the verification of the methods that are used for these tests. The next feature that we are planning to introduce in the near future is a flexible scope of accreditation, both in terms of parameter freedom and the option of updating all types of accredited standards. Introducing flexibility is already planned for the end of spring next year”, Martin Hobza, the Quality Manager, is adding.

For more information visit website of development test lab.

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