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Newly accredited – emission behaviour testing

17. 07. 2017 - SWELL´s test laboratory successfully passed the professional assessment of another field of tests by the Czech Accreditation Institute.

It expanded the portfolio of its accredited tests with emission behaviour tests, specifically:

  • Formaldehyde content determination
  • Condensable constituents determination (Fogging tests)
  • Odour tests
  • Determination of organic compounds emission

The qualification of the tests was proven, among others, also by the participation in interlaboratory comparison tests where the SWELL testing laboratory passed all of the tests.

We carry out tests of emission characteristics according to international ISO, SAE standards and automotive standards of concern brands such as VW, General Motors, Daimler, Jaguar Cars & Land Rover, Renault or Volvo.

Certificate of Accreditation (PDF - 2,8 MB)

For more information visit website of testing laboratory.

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