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Seminar VVA2017 is coming soon

30. 10. 2017 - The tenth annual meeting of automotive developers will take place on 9 November in Lázně Bělohrad.

We invite you to the traditional autumn VVA seminar.

“Even this year, we want to approach the meeting of automotive professionals and enthusiasts in a small-scale fashion, with a limited number of participants. We simply want the VVA seminar to be a meeting place for people with a serious interest in the technical development of cars, from different angles of view. And above all, we want the lectures and discussions to provide visitors with the best information or new inspiration for their work. That’s why every year we have to make sure the program is dominated by purely technical contributions,” says Eva Zachovalová, the organiser of the event.

The two previous years have been in the spirit of prototypes and CAD development. This year, after three years, we are returning to the field of numerical simulation and testing.

As in the previous years, you can look forward to important guests who plan to introduce news and share their experience in automotive development.  For example, you will learn about lights demisting tests of a major Czech manufacturer, David Snopek will guide you through the adventurous world of technology, you will look at the future of engines and, with Jakub Hak, you can test your knowledge (or lack thereof) about the testing of plastic in interiors.

So don’t forget: sign up on the seminar’s website and come to Lázně Bělohrad on 9 November.
It will be worth it!

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