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Seminar VVA2017 is coming soon

30. 10. 2017 | The tenth annual meeting of automotive developers will take place on 9 November in Lázně Bělohrad. View news detail

SWELL is going to expand in Hořice

20. 01. 2016 | Interview with the general manager Lucie Baleková View news detail

Roll, Draw, Weld

18. 08. 2015 | Cars lose weight. This is primarily due to the demand for reducing both fuel-consumption and emissions. After years of gaining weight there is a time for dieting, but that does not mean that the cars should be more fragile or less safe. And where is it reduced the most? Where the metal sheets are. Jiří Samler, a specialist in numerical simulation from the Swell Company in Hořice, talks about the latest trends in automotive metal sheets. View news detail

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