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Styling & design

Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand.

With over 15 years of experience and thanks to using the ICEM Surf and Alias software we are able to provide the highest quality (A-class) of smoothed surfaces for the automotive industry. We can also provide a design service, innovation and CAS modelling. Thanks to our collaboration with the CAD/CAE department we are able to deliver to the customer functional and producible designs without any need for additional optimization loops.

Creating the future of cars.

Range of services

  • Project management.

  • Expert background research.

  • Competitive analysis.

  • Innovation: the idea --> the design --> the implementation.


  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Autodesk Alias Design

  • Microsoft HoloLens

  • Prusa research

In regard to smoothing the surfaces (A-class) we take into account the requirements of design, CAD, production and the economics of the component. Thereby this has become one of the most comprehensive sectors of car development, in which all requirements meet at “the same table”.

Range of services

  • Working with scans of models.

  • Processing customers documentation and requirements.

  • Creating smoothed surfaces (A-class), exterior and interior and lights for cars and also for motorcycles and tractors.

  • Preparing models for presentation.

  • Visualisation and presentation.

  • The conversion of data into design software.


  • ICEM Surf

  • Autodesk Alias

  • VRED

  • Catia V5

Styling & CAS (Computer Aided Styling) represent rapid design proposals and their transformation to 3D digital form

Range of services

  • The design proposal.

  • Converting to 3D data.

  • Parametric changes to the size and the shape of the model.

  • Clay design models.

  • The digitisation of models.

  • Smoothing the scanned data (A-class).


  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Autodesk Alias

Viktor Čížek

Head of the Styling & Design

+420 326 109 100