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Testing fixtures for Mounting Preparation

We deliver testing fixtures to test technicians for development and validation tests, and quality managers to check their products.

To satisfy our customers with professional and high-quality results we make use of years of experience gathered from close cooperation with the development testing lab and prototyping workshop, where we take part in testing and our own physical production. This approach enables us to provide our customers not only with the product itself, but also the problem solving consultations or the creation of product assignments in order to achieve results in acceptable time and for acceptable costs.

We have the following testing fixture products:

  • Small, fast auxiliary products (holders, stands, ...)
  • Measuring instruments for 3D measuring machines, preparations for optical testing
  • Vibration products for vibration at RT and climacomorphs
  • Large preparations for mechanical and climatic tests, cubing (bumper, headlamp)
  • Special preparations, high temperature, climatomechanical, for laser technology
  • Autodesk Inventor Professional
  • Catia V5
  • Equipped spaces for installation / mounting fixtures of tested products
  • Equipped spaces for finishing of fixtures

Martin Mihulka

Head of Department
Testing Fixtures

+420 493 546 864