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Home Testing


Quick-response and detailed feedback testing

Our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited Development Testing Lab is specifically tailored to the R&D/Quality departments needs of the automotive OEMs and suppliers. ALTRAN is a testing partner able to develop the method, setup and jigs in-house, and give a detailed real-time feedback about the running tests results.

I. Customer specific R&D tests, including methodics and devices development

II. ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Acredited tests

  • Tensile lap-shear test

  • Vibration test

  • Damp heat test, cyclic

  • Damp heat test, constant

  • Dry heat test

  • Cold test

  • Change of temperature test

  • Weathering test

  • Solar simulation test

  • Corrosion test in salt spray

  • Corrosion test in condensation – water atmospheres

  • Evaluation of degradation of coatings

  • Coating adhesion test – Cross-cut test and X-cut test

  • Determination of the scratch resistance

  • Determination of the scratch resistance – Laboratory car-wash

  • Test for color fastness to rubbing in dry and wet conditions

  • Determination of the resistance to impact – coating impact test

  • Ball fall test

  • Stress whitening test – Ball drop test

  • Chemical resistance test

  • Flammability test

  • High-pressure water test

  • Splash water test

  • Test of degree of protection – dust protected IP5X, IP5KX, IP6X and IP6KX

  • Test of degree of protection – protection against water (IPX3 to IPX9)

  • Electrical loads test

Certificate of Accreditation with the Appendix


  • Tests according to international and national standards:


  • Tests according to automotive OEM standards:

    • VW (PV, VW, TL)

    • Ford (FLTM, WSS, BO, BI,...)

    • Daimler (DBL, MBN)

    • Nissan (NES)

    • Kia (MS)

    • General Motors (GMW, GME, GMI)

    • Renault + PSA Peugeot-Citroen (D, B)

    • Volvo (STD, VCS)

    • BMW (AA, GS, PR, TP, ...)

    • Jaguar (TPJLR, STJLR)

  • We are contractually involved in the VW Group Supply.com system, utilizing the „Online-Normentexte“ application to access up-to-date VW standars and other technical prescriptions.

  • Tests according to products specifications.

  • Testing methods proposals based on customers defined boundary conditions.

Non-disclosure and security

  • All test samples declared and handled as items subject to trade secret.

  • All facilities of the Test lab are approved by the Technical development of Škoda Auto for works with prototype parts, assemblies and complete vehicles.

  • No access to tested items and setups for unauthorized personnel and other customers.

Other services

  • Development and production of the measuring and testing jigs, mechanisms.

  • Technology consultancy.

  • New test methods and procedures proposal.

  • CAE – numerical simulations – jigs design, loading conditions calculations, limits, thermal expansion, modification of non-conforming parts, etc.

  • CAE models validation.

  • Customers presence at the tests.

  • Complete solutions of parts and assemblies development.

  • CAD → CAE → tests → production.

  • Testing and measurements at customers locations.

  • Driving tests, field measurements.

Jaromír Kejval

Head of the Testing & CAE


+420 493 546 861